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About Riggy

Creating Connection

To get the world off their devices and back outside, training, playing and connecting.

Importance of health & fitness

its no secret that maintaining an active lifestyle is one of the most important aspects of leading a healthy life. But in todays fast paced and busy society, it often means taking time away from loved ones in order get to the gym. Riggy brings the workout back to the household and gets all members of the family back outside and training together.

Getting Outside

In the modern world families are spending far too long cooped up inside, being entertained by their devices. We go to the gym to do our exercise indoors, or send the kids off to school, but when do we actually get outside together and interact? Riggy allows families to spend time interacting, training and playing in their back yards, the way its supposed to be.

Riggy Values

  • Connection with those around us as well as the natural world
  • The constant pursuit of improving skills, health and wellbeing
  • Measuring progression in terms of feelings and results over looks and aesthetics
  • Humilty and inclusion
  • Community focussed and sharing

Riggy History

Riggy was born from the need for training to no longer be a means of of dividing and taking away from connection time of family and friends, but rather to bring people together. It aims to afford the same opportunities for training, play and connection for families on a 450 m2 suburban block as those on rural acreage. It takes parents back to a childhood time when play was activated by the simple parental phrase “go outside and entertain yourselves”

Luke Johnson

A message from
our founder

My childhood was filled with memories of playing sports in the backyard with my family and friends. Activities like flipping the old trampoline on it’s side to kick the footy against, climbing any tree that could hold my weight and playing basketball in the driveway into the night. In summer there was a well worn track from my brothers and my bowling run up and the crease was well and truly marked. Sports was a huge part of my upbringing and this enjoyment and appreciation continued into adulthood.

As you progress through time the purely playful aspect of sports becomes somewhat more physical. You are introduced to the concept of “training” for both skill and physical advancement. I learnt the importance of weights training for physical strength and performance but soon found the commitment required to adhere to a standard weights training program did not align to my values as a parent and the time required to fulfil them. Ie my training time was taking away from my family time. Plus, I always preferred the art of perfecting a skill. So Riggy was developed to not only allow every kid access to play but to do it alongside their parents while they train. Train – Play – Connect is at the heart of everything we do.

The Riggy Impact

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