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Riggy Pro – Home Performance Centre – Gold Package

$4,970 AUD

The Riggy Pro Home Performance Centre (HPC) is a unique home training system designed for physically developing youth athletes, preparing their bodies for elite sporting careers.

It includes the Riggy Pro HPC setup pictured but also expertly designed programs for young athletes to follow.

There are 3 program tiers, catering for athletes at varying ages / stages of development.

  1. Monkeys (7 – 10 yrs)
  2. Silver (11 – 13 yrs)
  3. Gold (14+).

The Riggy Pro Home Performance Centre (HPC) is a unique training system designed for physically developing youth athletes, preparing their bodies for elite sporting careers.

The system improves a young athlete’s performance via a training focus on 8 universal principles relevant for all young athletes, irrespective of their chosen sports. The system not only focuses on improving performance but also importantly injury prevention.

Our program focuses on a tiered progression model for athletes starting from as young as 7 right through to elite professionals.

We build the base of an elite athlete’s body from the very beginning.

The Riggy Pro HPC is a home training system that supplements an athlete’s existing structured training sessions and focusses on giving an extra 10% performance to the top 10% of athletes. Exactly what is required to make it as an elite athlete.

Core Offer – what are we selling?

  1. Product – the Riggy Pro HPC – what you train on. A customised piece of equipment designed to facilitate all of the training requirements of the Riggy Pro Athletic Development Program (ADP). It has an approximate footprint of 1.6m wide by 3m long and fits perfectly in the space of a single car garage. With your purchase you get the following equipment, which is everything required to facilitate the Monkeys, Silver and Gold programs.
  • The Riggy Pro HPC rig with monkey bars, bottom rails, squat rack, storage shelf and horizontal bars
  • Sports rebound net
  • Kettlebells – 4 kg, 10 kg
  • Suspension training straps (similar to TRX)
  • 6 kg slam ball
  • 2 kg mini med ball
  • 3m speed ladder
  • Flat bench with foam matt
  • Resistance band system with clips (similar to PTP) – which includes
    handles and ankle straps
  • the various brackets, bolts and storage attachments required for assembly
  • 20kg barbell with clips, j-hooks and spotter arms
  • Weight plates – 2 of each – 1.25 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg
  • Cable pulley – including handles and tricep rope attachments
  • Dumbbells – 2 of each – 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg
  • Landmine attachment for barbell
  • 20kg Olympic barbell
  • Dip bars


2. Program – the Riggy Pro – Athletic Development Program (ADP) – how you train. A comprehensive training program and guide (including video tutorials), tailored to your young athletes age and specific stage of development. You gain one FREE access to the Riggy Pro ADS program with your purchase of the Riggy Pro HPC.

The programs have been custom designed by leading Youth Athletic Trainer Nick Ellems and ensure athletes get the maximum benefit from their Riggy Pro HPC setup. Each program is clearly laid out and individual exercises have a detailed description as well as a video tutorial to follow. The videos include tips on correct exercise tempo, form and safety considerations. Riggy Pro ADP programs are designed to be athlete led but parent supervised to maximise an athletes safety at all times.


ADP Workout Styles

There 3 separate styles of workout included in the Riggy Pro ADP

1. Athletic Development – there are the core sessions for developing young athletes. High volume, higher intensity sessions that last between 45 – 60 minutes. Focusing on the fundamentals of strength, power and speed. Athletes should be aiming to complete 2 – 3 AD’s per week (subject to other training loads). They should be completed on days when other training loads are minimal or reduced.


2. Bulletproof Sessions (Silver & Gold level only) these are supplementary to the AD’s and are lower intensity, lower volume and typically take around 15 – 20 minutes to complete. These sessions focus on mobility, flexibility and joint strength; all with a view to minimising the incidence of injury and improving performance. Athletes should be aiming to complete 1 – 2 bulletproof sessions per week. As they are lower intensity, they can be completed on days when other training loads are still significant.


3. Skill Workouts – unique to the Riggy Pro, these are ball-based skill sessions to maintain and improve athlete coordination, reaction, movement and spatial awareness. They can be completed using various styles of balls and the Riggy rebound net. Sessions focus on building proficiency in core skills such as throw, catch, kick and pass. These are moderate intensity sessions lasting between 15 – 20 minutes. They can be completed at the end of either an AD or Bulletproof session or as a stand-alone session. Athletes should be aiming to complete 1 – 2 skill workouts per week and keeping track of their scores.


ADP Program Tiers

There are 3 tiers of programming within the ADP

Monkeys is an entry level program for kids ranging from 7 to 10 years old. The focus is on laying the athletic foundations for future success in a young athletes training and sports participation. The program starts by building the framework for athletic development, with an emphasis on play and fun to foster a love of movement from the beginning. The fundamental principles of the Monkeys program is to develop a child’s ability to hang, climb, jump, hop, catch, throw and kick. Athletes at this stage are often starting their sporting journey and may be involved in structured sporting competition and training, with a strong focus on fun, team work and participation. This program aims to further increase strength, coordination and determination. At the completion of the Monkeys program, an athlete will be able to;

  • Bar Hang for 30+ seconds
  • Hop Laterally through the ladder on each leg
  • Complete 10+ full range push ups
  • Duck Walk the Length of the Rig


Silver is the mid-tier program which utilises the basic principles developed during the Monkeys phase to expand on these core competencies. This program has been developed for athletes from 11 to 13 years of age. It introduces an athlete to lifting weights, plyometrics, stability on all movement planes and core work while also expanding on their skill development and coordination. The program aims to further develop base strength, power, speed and agility while introducing structured training around mobility, flexibility and range through the integration of Bulletproof sessions. Athletes at this stage are often participating in various sports in both a competitive playing and training capacity.

At the completion of the Silver program an athlete will be able to;

  • Complete 5+ Full Range Chin Ups
  • Complete 15+ Full Range Push Ups
  • Broad Jump Your Height
  • Hang with one arm for 15 seconds per arm


Gold is the top-tier program and further builds on the fundamentals core competencies developed during the monkeys and silver programs. Designed for athletes from ages 14 and up. This training stage is for athletes who are developing rapidly in a physical sense and are training and competing. There is an increased focus on utilising weights in this phase with the concepts of dynamic movement, power and hypertrophy being key. At this stage athletes are expected to be developing sporting preferences based on performance, skill and enjoyment, which will heavily influence training methodologies of the gold program. Naturally athlete training loads will have increased, placing greater emphasis on the importance of the Bulletproof program to help athletes minimise injury and maximise performance.

At the completion of the Gold program an athlete will be able to;

  • Bodyweight Overhead Squat  (bonus points without heel elevation)
  • Bench press 1x Bodyweight
  • Barbell Back Squat to Bench 1.5x Bodyweight
  • Broad jump 1.5x Your Height


Your purchase excludes shipping costs which are custom quoted per purchase. A typical range of shipping costs for your Riggy Pro HPC is $450 – $900. It arrives with every component required for complete assembly, as well detailed assembly instruction.

The Riggy Pro HPC is expertly designed to bolt together for you to assemble yourself. We do offer installation (East Coast metro only) of your Riggy Pro for a cost of $490.

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